A penis.

2010-03-01 16:26:39 by ginemginem

... I has it.

I like newgrounds

2009-12-25 04:41:01 by ginemginem

It's nice.

Doing requests...

2009-12-20 12:45:44 by ginemginem

So guys, I am out of idea for thinks to paint/draw, and that's where you come in...
If you need anything (like a portrait or a random doodle for a Christmas present), I'm open for requests..
All is free of charge, of course..
But please refrain yourself from asking me to do you fan-art and/or manga, I am strongly annoyed with that kind of fecal matter...
So you can post your requests, if any, here in the comments or as a PM, both are fine with me..
I can't guarantee I'll do all requests if it many people apply..
And the "free of charge" stands only from people that do not intend to profit from my work, I'm not a sheep begging to be sheared...

PS: If you whish me to do something off of a reference image, please let it be in high res and have good lighting (no flash photography please)...

Check out my gallery here -> http://ginemginem.newgrounds.com/art/ just so you can see what kind of work I do...


Why have I been unscouted?

2009-12-13 09:03:41 by ginemginem

For some reason it seems that I have been unscouted in the art portal..
I wasn't notified or anything too. I don't know which of the stuff I uploaded is of such a pour quality that I deserve an unscouting.
Take a look at my gallery http://ginemginem.newgrounds.com/art/

Can anybody help me and tell me where I could submit my appeal?

EDIT> I've been scouted by TurkeyOnAStick! Yaay!